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It is time to reregister to vote and to get registered if you are not

Any day now, an email will drop into your inbox or one of those old fashioned letters will drop through your letterbox. It will invite you to renew your voter registration for local and national elections. If you don’t renew, you will lose your vote. First time voters can also register. You must be 16 years old to register but you can’t vote in England until you are 18. It is also time to think about getting a postal vote. No one can predict how fit we will be, what our personal circumstances may me or what the weather will be like on an election day.

Elections 2021: Shropshire Council unitary candidates announced including Ludlow

Local elections will take place on 6 May, now just under four weeks away. Today, Shropshire Council has published the list of candidates for the 74 unitary seats up for grabs. Three candidates will compete in Ludlow South and Clee. There will be four candidates in Ludlow North and Ludlow East. The Lib Dems, Green Party and Conservatives are standing for all four local seats. Labour is fielding a candidate in Ludlow East and an independent is standing in Ludlow North.

Elections have been called for all Shropshire – it’s time to stand up and be counted

Local elections will take place on 6 May 2021, seven weeks from today. All Shropshire Council unitary seats will be up for grabs as well as all the seats in town and parish councils. There will also be an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner. Elections are important. It is a time for you to make your views known. To lobby existing councillors and to stand yourself on a ticket that reflects your beliefs. Shropshire Council feels and looks old. A lot of councillors will retire in May allowing new councillors with new ideas to join the council. Ludlow Town Council needs a refresh of councillors to take it forward into post-Covid recovery and to become a heritage town that is thoroughly modern in the way it works. It is time to stand and time to vote.

Two seats were up for election after the resignations of Councillors Tony Mahalski and Nicola Paton. Rod Naysmith from Downton View was been elected to represent Clee View on Ludlow Town Council unopposed. Phillip Adams from Corve Street and Hillary Hall from The Angel battled it out for the Whitcliffe Ward. Congratulations to Philip who won by 14 votes last Thursday. The turnout was 22% and 226 ballot papers were issued. Philip received 118 votes, Hilary 104 votes. Four votes were declared void.

A new Ludlow town councillor and a battle for the Whitcliffe ward

Congratulations to Rod Naysmith from Downton View who has been elected to represent Clee View on Ludlow Town Council unopposed. In the town centre ward of Whitcliffe, there will be an election. Phillip Adams from Corve Street will stand against Hillary Hall from The Angel. For those of you who live in the ward, election day is 20 February. Please vote. Our town council does a lot for our town and must do more as Shropshire Council plans to do less. If the candidates for Whitcliffe Ward would like to send me a pitch on why they would make a good town councillor, I will be glad to publish it. Meanwhile, we should thank councillors Tony Mahalski and Nicola Paton who resigned for personal reasons.

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