More Tory troubles at Shirehall as Councillor Robert Tindall resigns whip

Robert Tindall, recently re-elected councillor for Brown Clee, has today announced his resignation from the Conservative group on Shropshire Council.

I’m not surprised that Councillor Tindall has taken this action. He was one of at least three councillors from the south of the county that did not vote for the new leader of Shropshire Council, Peter Nutting. The makeup of the new cabinet has concentrated power further towards the north of the county.

Councillor Nutting has said he wants the council to care for all the county. But without key cabinet members to represent the rural south, investment is likely to continue be skewed towards the north.

Councillor Tindall will now sit on the council an “Independent Conservative”.

He told BBC Radio Shropshire earlier today:

“We have just as many problems as they do in the towns and I just believe that it is a takeover of the Conservative administration at South Shropshire by virtually everybody in the north of Shropshire, and South Shropshire is completely underrepresented.”

Tindall has been one of most dedicated and diligent members of the South Planning Committee. His knowledge of the details of construction and his feel for what works in the rural landscape has served the committee well. I fear he will now be taken off the committee because the rules require political balance on planning committees. He will be sorely missed.

Update 25 May 2017

Shropshire Council has confirmed that Councillor Tindall will remain a member of the South Planning Committee.

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