Over the last week, we have worked hard with the organisers of the Ludlow 10km run to ensure that this race runs with the minimum disruption to residents and other events. We have agreed the race will start slightly later, allowing some town centre road closures to be delayed. The roads will reopen as soon as the last runners have passed on their second lap All roads are expected to be open within two hours of the start.

It is likely to be more difficult to find a parking space after 6pm on 8 July. So please come to town a little earlier than usual and use the Station Drive car park behind the Library. And do come along to enjoy what promises to be a great event.

The start of the race has been pushed back to 7.45pm to allow people to get to the Ludlow Assembly Rooms and St Laurence’s Church for events beginning at 7.30pm. Those taking part in Ludlow10 should still arrive at the times advised by the organisers.

The later start will make it easier for people attending the choral concert in St Laurence’s and the movie at Ludlow Assembly Rooms. But the advice is to come earlier than usual. Please don’t rely on parking in the market area. It is best to use the Station Drive car park that evening.

From 6pm, traffic arriving via King Street will be routed down Broad Street. There will be no access to High Street, Castle Street and the Castle Street car park from 6pm. Parking on the market area itself, will not be allowed.

This is to allow the race start and safety barriers to be put in place. The barriers will be extended to the Bull Ring after King Street is closed.

Road closures along the rest of the route will begin at 7.20pm to ensure the safety of the runners and to allow safety barriers to be put in place. Corve Street and King Street will not close until 7.30pm.

In an important change, runners will only run along Mill Street and Camp Lane at the beginning of the race. On the second lap, they will go down Dinham. We discussed routing the runners down Dinham at the start of the race but have agreed that this is unsafe. The road is too steep and narrow for 300 runners to negotiate safely when they are bunched together. By the second lap, they will be spread out.

This change will mean that Mill Street can be reopened within a few minutes of the start. It also will allow cars to circulate in the lower town centre via Bell Lane, Brand Lane and Silk Mill Lane, exiting via the Broadgate and Old Street.

The first runners are expected to finish around 8.25pm. The last by 9.25pm. Roads will be reopened in stages after the last runner has passed and the surface has been swept. We are expecting all roads to be open by 9.30pm.

Pedestrian access will be unaffected. There will be clearly marked, manned crossing points along the barriered section from Bullring to Castle Square, to help pedestrians cross from one side to another. Allow a little extra time if you want to cross Mill Street at the start of the race, 7.45pm.

Please remember that the A49 is completely closed at Onibury from 1 to 9 July. The rail line is closed on the weekend of 8-9 July. An hourly replacement bus service will operate.

During the planning of the Ludlow10 event, there has been a problem with communications and ensuring that all the right people were consulted and informed. I am not blaming the organisers for this. We have an approvals and information system that doesn’t always work smoothly. I will be proposing that we draw up a routemap for events like these in Ludlow, so that organisers, councillors and officers know what to do at each stage.

Events are an important part of Ludlow’s visitor economy. At present, we are overly reliant on the three main festivals – the spring and autumn food festivals, and the medieval fayre. We need to diversify. Fortunately, the Fringe is going from strength to strength. The Green Festival is long established and the May Fair even more so. St Laurence’s has its Summer Arts Festival. We can add to these successes with sporting occasions such as Ludlow10, which will introduce new people to our town and help keep it thriving.

26 June 2017

I spoke about the changes to the race on BBC Radio Shropshire this morning.

11 thought on “Revised arrangements for Ludlow10 run on 8 July will ensure its success (updated)”
  1. Have Arriva Trains Wales been informed of the road closures as the replacement bus service will be affected? They normally run via Station Drive, Corve Street and Coronation Road!

    1. I have given details of all the buses affect to the Ludlow10 organisers, including the rail replacement buses.

  2. Will it be possible to walk through the town, down Dinham, to the Green cafe at Millennium Green for the pop up meal which is on the evening of 8th??

    Sylvia Turner

    1. Hi Sylvia, I am one of the race directors for Ludlow10.
      Yes you will be able to walk through town and get to the Millenium Green for the pop up cafe.
      Dermott Hayes

  3. Agree with Sylvia above.
    Are roads closed just for traffic or for pedestrians also.
    If just traffic then there are lots of parking places off the route for cars.
    Pedestrians will still have access to all parts of the town ??

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thanks for that message. Yes the route is completely open to pedestrians and we would really encourage as many of you as possible to come out and support the runners.

      Dermott Hayes

    1. Hi Barry,
      Sorry that you see an event to promote health, fitness and wellbeing, while also showcasing Ludlow to a new batch of potential visitors as an ill judged decision.
      I am one of the race directors and can assure you that we have been working incredibly hard with the local councillors over the last week to ensure that there is minimal impact on residents and organisations. We will continue to do this as we strive to deliver a quality event that will grow and become one of Ludlow’s key dates for the calendar.


  4. Dermott,thank you for your courteous replyWhilst the closure of the town effects the profits of local shopkeepers (who still await the promised rebate to their business tax increase] your profits go where ?Regards Barry

  5. Hi Barry,
    Have you taken the time to note that our event does not begin until after 7pm. Therefore the impact on shopkeepers will be at an absolute minimum as we deliberately did not want to cause any impact there. Instead we hope that runners and spectators will enjoy a post race drink or meal at one of the local pubs and restaurants. We are working with them to raise awareness.
    When we are fortunate enough to make a profit we will decide on how to spend it. Until that time we will continue to try and deliver events that Ludlow can be proud of and that raise awareness of this spectacular town.
    Best wishes

  6. Barry,
    Don’t know who you are but you sound like one of the Mill Street gang who move here and than start to complain about everything that upsets your little life.
    GET A LIFE. !!!!

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