Due to the closure of Upper Galdeford over the next couple of weeks and some buses will be diverted.

The 722 park and ride service will travel via Gravel Hill, Henley Road, the A49 bypass, Sheet Road, Weeping Cross and Old Street. The bus departing the town centre on the hour will call at Parys Road and Tollgate on the way back into town. The bus on the half-hour will serve the Rocks Green estate and the Steventon loop. The supermarkets will be served on the way out of town, not the way in.

The 701 will operate its usual route until Smithfield. From there it will travel down Weeping Cross and up Old Street. It will serve the supermarkets on the way out of town.

The roadworks will be suspended for the weekend, so I am expecting the buses to operate normal routes on Saturday. The road is also open in the evenings.

Access to businesses is still available. There should be a banksman on duty throughout the roadworks to allow access from Lower Galdeford for residents, deliveries and disabled customers.

The greatest restrictions on vehicle movement is likely to be on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 November. This is when resurfacing of the carriageway is proposed to take place.

Progress will depend on the weather but the works are expected to end on Thursday, 16 November.

One thought on “Bus routes during Galdeford road works”
  1. Hi Andy, I went in to the SCC hub at the library on Monday and they arranged for me to speak to Steve at SCC. I explained that there is no notification on the bus stops that are affected regard the revised routes or the fact that they are suspended. This also applies during events when bus routes are revised during events in the town. I have asked him to email me to confirm that this is being addressed by SCC.

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