The Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC) is to hold a special meeting on 30 November to discuss Shropshire Council’s draft local plan. This sets out ambitious policies to expand housing and employment across the county.

Ludlow councillor Andy Boddington is chairman of the LJC, says:

“This opportunity to debate our ideas about the future of the county. Shropshire Council’s new plans aim for economic growth and building nearly 1,500 homes a year across the county. Much of this will be in the north and east of the county but we also need to work out what is best for the more rural areas, including Ludlow.”

“We need to think hard about Ludlow’s future. The town has suffered from unplanned developments. We need to work out how we can attract more skilled and highly paid jobs, and how we can take advantage of cutting edge digital technologies. We need to plan for the right sort of housing for the young people that we need to drive forward our local economy.”

The LJC meeting takes place at 6.30pm at the Elim Church, Smithfield, Ludlow on 30 November. Shropshire Council planning specialists will be on hand to answer questions from the committee and the public, and take note of feedback.

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