Thanks everyone for turning our last night. More than two hundred people crammed into the market square for a protest organised by the Chamber of Commerce. There were a huge variety of banners but they gave a consistent message. It’s time for Shirehall to listen to us about parking charges.

At 12.30am today, Shropshire Council’s cabinet will meet to finalise the new parking charge regime. Councillor Peter Nutting will be in the chair. I hope he will hear the message from Ludlow and clear. DON’T KILL OUR TOWN CENTRE WITH PARKING CHARGES.

We have been calling for four changes. No charging on streets after 6pm. Lower charges on central streets. Retention of 15-minute pop and shop. And keeping Castle Street car park short stay.

Photographs with thanks to Ashleigh Cadet Photography. Click for larger images.


One thought on “Huge turnout for Ludlow parking protest last night – now Shropshire Council must deliver”
  1. I really wish Ludlow every success in all your preferences you have for the town’s parking.

    Unfortunately, my impression of the overall arrogance, displayed by SC in so many situations, where the plebs (taxPAYERS) disagree with the do-as-you-are-told Con default position.

    And talking of Con ARROGANCE, I give you the PCC Campion, supposedly elected to hold the police to account. A group of us in Bridgnorth know only too well that his attitude towards plebs complaining about threats by WMP officers, in spite of considerable documented evidence, is to deny the truth of that evidence on the basis, as stated by him in writing, is to thunder “When I say I don’t believe it, it is because I don’t believe it”. Try arguing against such a lack logic (which I doubt if he can even spell it).

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