I cannot remember a week in the last few years when Ludlow has not suffered roadworks. They are becoming as much a part of the character of our town as its historic buildings and the collapsed town walls.

Update 15 October. After this article was published agreement was reached to allow buses through the roadworks at all times, though there may be delays.

Sheet Road is a mess. It urgently needs resurfacing. That’s not on the agenda. Instead it will be patched up. Yet again. The pedestrian crossing will be repainted as will other lines.

There are three phases to the works:

Phase 1. 29/10/18 (Monday) – Weeping Cross Lane to Sidney Road, Road Closure.
Phase 2. 30/10/18 (Tuesday) – Sidney Road to Mary Elizabeth Road, Road Closure.
Phase 3. 31/10/18 (Wednesday) – Mary Elizabeth Road to A49, Multiway Traffic Lights.

On the first day, the Sheet Road railway underpass will be completely closed. It is not possible to operate safely in this restricted space without a full closure.

On the second day, Sheet Road from Sidney Road to Mary Elizabeth Road will be closed completely. I cannot see any reason for a complete closure. Traffic lights or Stop-Go signs would allow the road to remain open.

The third day will be disruptive but traffic will be able to pass.

The works are during school half-term.


One thought on “Major closure on Sheet Road set to disrupt traffic at the end of October (updated)”
  1. Hi Andy

    Will we be able to drive out of Charlton Rise, Sheet Road and Kennett Bank on the Tuesday? There’s more than 100 houses involved. Can’t go any other way except onto Sheet Road as both Charlton Rise and Kennett Bank are cul-de-sacs. Just a thought.

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