Shropshire Homes has submitted a detailed planning application for 67 dwellings, including four blocks of three-storey apartments on the former quarry site on Fishmore Road (19/02060/REM). This follows outline approval for 74 dwellings on the site granted in February 2019.

The site layout is heavily constrained by the former quarry, its mudstone cliffs and a buried quarry face – which the developer calls the “High Wall”. Because the ground above the High Wall could subject to movement, it will be a car parking area.

This site needs developing and it is good to have plans come forward, especially as many of the homes are small.

No affordable housing will be provided because of the cost of developing the site. But if the developer makes more than 20% profit, Shropshire Council will claim the extra for its affordable housing fund through an overage agreement. But three homes will be sold as discount market housing. I assume this will be 80% of the market price but no details are given.

The quarry has self-sown shrubs, along with young and semi-mature trees. These will largely be retained as part of the proposed green network. Additional trees will be planted.

The developer promises a sustainable drainage system but details are not yet available.

I don’t propose to comment on the application at this stage as it is likely that more documents will be published when officers have worked on the details. My provional view is this is a much better application than the outline proposal but I need to study it further.

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