Representatives from Ludford parish council and Ludlow Town Council, along with Viv Parry and myself, met with Crest Nicholson on 3 October to discuss temporary construction access to the Foldgate Lane development. The housing developer has planned to create a haul road entered from Foldgate Lane to begin construction on the site. This was opposed by all councillors at the meeting. Now, Crest Nicholson has abandoned that plan. It will instead construct the site from an access from the A49 as set out in the original planning permission. Details of that access are not yet available.

The now abandoned proposal for construction access

Crest Nicholson’s plan had been for construction traffic to travel along Foldgate Lane from the mini-roundabout near the Co-op for a length of around 85 metres. Trucks would then turn into the north field and run along the inside of the hedge. They would cross Foldgate Lane just west of the bend and enter the south field. The works would last for six to eight weeks after which construction traffic will access the site from the A49 using a newly built T-Junction.

This proposal gained no support because the narrow Foldgate Lane is not suitable for construction traffic. That’s why the planning inspector who gave permission for the site insisted that construction access from the A49. Now, Crest Nicholson has reverted to using the A49 access. In an email to planners, the company’s agent said:

“Following our meeting and a subsequent site meeting with ward members, the Parish and Town Councils, we have decided against progressing this option. Construction access will be from the A49 as originally envisaged.”

This is a victory for common sense and for local councillors. The developer will meet Shropshire Council planners this week to discuss details of the new construction access.

2 October meeting between councillors and Crest Nicholson
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  1. Well done to our local councillors. Developers and private companies have for too long ridden rough shod over planning agreements and the views of residents.

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