I became quite emotional as I walked home from Ludlow Town Council last night. My route took me across Sidney Road Green. The whole town has been trying to save this green space from development for five years. But five bungalows were approved and the green space was slated to be destroyed.

Despite light pollution, I could see the outline of Taurus above the Norway Maple as I walked. As the ground began to freeze underfoot, I could imagine a great future for this space. More trees. Wildflower meadows. Bee corridors and more.

This is no longer a figment of my imagination. Last night, Ludlow Town Council agreed to buy the green space from the housing association for the nominal sum of £1.

Our green space – requires improvement

Connexus made the offer yesterday afternoon. Councillors voted to take ownership of our much loved community green a few hours later. Under the draft deal discussed at the council in open session last night, the land will be declared a town green and can never be built on. The council will take on ownership and management of the area.

There is legal stuff to do. This could take a while. But we have saved Sidney Road Green!

Huge thanks to Connexus. In all my years of campaigning to save green spaces, I know how rare this offer is. It’s brilliant.

The decision shows a strong commitment from Connexus to supporting our community. It shows that town and unitary councillors are committed to keeping Ludlow green. It shows our community is committed to working together to ensure that Ludlow remains a very special space.

Ludlow Town Council made the right decision last night. It made that decision unanimously. Hurrah!

4 thought on “Hurrah! Ludlow Town Council to buy Sidney Road Green for a nominal sum and protect it forever”
  1. Congratulations, Andy. [edited to remove political content] Let your imagination flow freely as to the improvements to the Sidney Road Green, with emphasis on the more vulnerable notably the young, old and infirm – a safe haven far from dreaded county lines. We need some activities – football, fetes, food events, fetes. And? Get the authorities involved – police, fire, military. Go for it.

  2. That really is excellent news. This could become a truly inspirational space at the entrance to the town…

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