Contractors moved onto the Foldgate Lane site last Monday. They are setting up a construction compound ahead of felling more than 100 trees from tomorrow (Monday 9 December). A couple of dozen heavy trucks have already driven along Foldgate Lane to deliver stone, machinery and cabins. This is in breach of planning permission, which states clearly that the lane cannot be used for construction access.

This is not an impressive start to this development which has been controversial from the moment the application was submitted. There is no need to fell over 100 trees along the A49 because an alternative access could be used. Officers have told Crest Nicholson that the tree trunks cannot be taken off site along Foldgate Lane.

A truck load of stone arriving

Crest Nicholson says it will work within the boundaries of the site for a few weeks until works to create an access from the A49. Many questions remain. How will materials to build the T-Junction to the A49 get onto site? This is a lot of material as the main road is several metres above the ground level of the site. I understand much will be excavated from the site itself. But that will be earth and clay, not stone suitable for a road surface.

That might be why Crest Nicholson refers to a haul road from its compound in correspondence. However, planning officers say: “Importation of bulk construction materials via Foldgate Lane is not approved under the outline consent.”

This is one we will have to keep an eye on.

Felled oak
Part of this tree belt is to be cleared from Monday 9 December
11 thought on “Work begins on Foldgate Lane housing but its not a great start – 100 trees to come down this week”
  1. So 100 trees cut down for the convenience of builders building 80 more than likely overpriced homes – none of which are the affordable ones Ludlow needs.
    Confirmation of our Tory Council’s total disregard for the planet or the people of Shropshire. The wheels of ‘business’ and profit must grind on in the same old way regardless of the consequences

  2. And I thought we were supposed to be doubling tree cover!!! Everywhere I look in Shropshire trees are being cut down, not planted. The houses will likely be bought by rich southerners selling their houses for close to a million and then trousering the remaining £700,000 (Tax Free). Nice work if you can get it.

  3. Crest Nicholson have been really sneaky here using the lane for access. What is done is done, but it is a clear warning that they can not be trusted to adhere to the terms of their planning agreement.
    I predict that they will undoubtedly continue to use the lane for access because:
    They have no respect for the agreed planning regs, so will repeat the transgression;
    The access site they have chosen off the A49 is totally illogical considering the gradient differences, and having ignored the point farther down where the levels are the same, making the access construction there very difficult; Foldgate Lane will appear to be the logical access to contractors’ drivers ignorant of the restriction;
    The ground they need to work on is exceptionally boggy, with dense, sticky clay and large vehicles will struggle on it, so Foldgate Lane access will appeal to the drivers very quickly; A considerable quantity of hardcore/scalpings is needing to be shipped to the site;
    Some contractors’ drivers have already discovered how handy the Lane is for access, and this needs to be addressed instantly. I strongly suggest that SC put in place at the ends of Foldgate Lane, large signs indicating NO ACCESS FOR CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC TO THE SITE.

    1. Alas SCC doing anything about road closures and sensible signage is something that will not happen.
      Having experienced the closure of the A4117 last week and the councils inability to do anything simple like put signs up and divert traffic sensibly, I fear you are in for a long wait.
      Again the A4117 experience showed that once the signage is in most people simply ignore it ( lorries and vans) or move the signage into the hedge or out of the way and the council is unable ( or unwilling) to do anything about it or support the local community and keep it safe.
      Of course there is simple technology that would solve the issue, ANPR just like many car parks have, take a picture of the offending lorry/van and fine them but again hoping that SCC could or would use it is a forlorn hope they will say its too expensive when in fact they could make Crest pay for it and enforce the issue but they wont.
      Alas we live in the south of the county and the council are in the north- they simply don’t care and the highways division are unable to act or do anything.

  4. What about the hibernating wildlife they need relocating before they lose there homes. Have some consideration. Some wildlife are on the verge of being extinct as it is without this on top. People of ludlow anyone walking that area please keep an eye out for hedgehogs squirrels voles mice etc and contact your local rescues or vets for advice. They need our help to survive

  5. If the lorries are using a prohibited route, surely there is some way to stop them? More trees being felled? Please stop this vandalism. We are supposed to be planting trees, not tearing them up.

  6. 100 trees are to be felled to build much needed housing in Ludlow.
    6-8 MILLION Christmas trees are felled somewhere and sold, for us to enjoy for a week or two , in the UK only this year.

    1. The trees used as Xmas trees are a crop, much like potatoes, always replanted, and on land owned and designated as for farming. So not really the same. They will grow on land that is otherwise hard to utilise, and make a useful cash crop, and while growing they are providing the usual benefits of trees.

  7. We must document and report in detail every infringement by Crest Nicholson to the County Council until addressing the problem becomes the lest uncomfortable option for them.

  8. A few weeks into the project and Crest Nicholson are already doing whatever they like. They will continue to please themselves as the council have no interest in stopping them. Try withholding your Council Tax and you would see a much more aggressive approach from the council.

  9. I agree with virtually all of the above comments – in particular Gareth Thomas’s and Nick Ford’s. What IS the point of having these specific planning conditions placed upon Crest – if they are blatantly being flouted at the very first hurdle by this large company? As Nick Ford says above – we all need to do what we possibly can to make Shropshire Council totally aware of every infringement by this national house builder – including its suppliers and sub-contractors. They are not engendering any goodwill and should not be surprised if they receive bad publicity as a result. Crest are perfectly capable – and should be doing – this right. Shropshire Council can’t hide and pretend it will all go away, or that they can’t afford to take even the simplest of measures to uphold their own planning conditions and to stop unauthorised vehicle trespass.

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