There are two candidates for the Whitcliffe Ward. Both have kindly offered to provide a pitch to tell voters why they are the right candidate for the ward. This is Hillary’s address. Philip’s statement is here.

I am married to Robert and have three children, one of whom also lives in Ludlow. I have lived in the Whitcliffe Ward since arriving in Ludlow 7 years ago when my husband retired from the Police Force in Hampshire.

As a Ludlow businesswoman, working as a Consultant and Trainer in Health and Social Care. I joined Ludlow Rotary Club where I have met many local people.

I am the Chairman of Ludlow Defib4 you, and have raised much needed funds to ensure that these lifelines are kept in good repair and that there are people trained in how to use them.

Through my volunteering with “Hands Together Ludlow”, I am aware of the difficulties faced by many people in Whitcliffe Ward.  This can be from transport difficulties, through to isolation and loneliness. Last Christmas Day; along with other volunteers, we provided “Company at Christmas” – a dinner and companionship for those who might otherwise have been alone.

I support Young Shropshire in Work and The Foyer; helping to bring necessary skills to the young people in our area. Skills such as First Aid, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene etc. that may help them to gain useful employment, locally.  These young people are our future, and we need to help them.

Over the years I have got to know many of the residents and business people in Ludlow, who I now call friends. Living in Whitcliffe Ward I can understand their day to day frustrations. The problems with dog mess, litter and also the parking! 

If elected I will do my very best to ensure that the voices of the people are heard. I will fight for social justice for the many, not just the few.  I am not affiliated to any one party, nor am I a radical in any sense of the word.  Personally, I would like to live in an environment that is clean, well looked after and run by a Town Council in a way that is open and honest, and I think you would too.

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