There are two candidates for the Whitcliffe Ward. Both have kindly offered to provide a pitch to tell voters why they are the right candidate for the ward. This is Philip’s address. Hillary’s statement is here.

With the media concentrating on national and international issues it is easy to forget the importance of local government. Climate emergency, austerity and health issues affect both individuals and businesses in Ludlow and some aspects of these issues can be dealt with at a local level.

I have lived here for more than a decade, the decade of austerity which has coincided with the loss of South Shropshire District Council and its replacement by Shropshire County Council. So, when it comes to Ludlow now most things are decided in Shrewsbury and our representatives have had to fight hard to influence Shire Hall on issues such as parking and housing.

In recent months I have joined up with groups and council representatives to bring about improvements and innovations concerning our transport systems. I now hope to become a Council member in order to direct more of my time and energies to this and other local matters.

As a historic medieval town Ludlow needs protection, but it cannot just live in the past and that is why several of my local activities are future-facing.

Please look out for a leaflet drop from me before the election. In it I will give you some more details about my past experience and suitability for this vacancy. This will, I hope, provide you with further reasons why I am the candidate you choose in the election.

With warmest regards,

Philip Adams

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