Ludlow Cricket Club has applied to replace its current two lanes of practice strips with two new strips with nets and artificial turf (20/00434/FUL). This is pretty much a like for like replacement and it looks good to me.

Google image of Cricket Club
Proposed layout
One thought on “New cricket practice nets proposed for Ludlow Cricket Club”
  1. Having to need planning to do something like this is the worst case of ridiculousness I have ever heard of.
    Waste of time, waste of money and seems more like the Soviet Union than a supposedly free country.

    I have never seen anything so absurd…….please go for solving real issues like the continual removal of social facilities that we actually need, old people, teen social facilities to stop them turning to troublemaking, homelessness, food banks these are really important…,

    I appreciate you covering this planning but the fact we need planning to lay a bit of astroturf…dreadful

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