One of the pressing needs identified in the last couple of weeks is ensuring that everyone has food. Shropshire Council will now purchase food for people who are self-isolating and cannot purchase supplies over the phone using a debit or credit card and cannot access cash. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case. For example, elderly people who don’t use cards, don’t have access to cards or don’t wish to use them. Shropshire Council can purchase goods on their behalf and send an invoice to be paid later.

This is an emergency measure for those who have no other options. It is only for those who have money in the bank but can’t get to it. Contact me in confidence if you need help through the Shropshire Council scheme. 01584 874029 / 07927 719163.

You can also get local help with all food and social needs through Pulling Together Ludlow. Phone our local 7-day helpline: 01584 817 250.

Anyone who doesn’t have money in the bank to pay for food should contact the Covid-19 Helpline 0345 6789 028 for access to a free food parcel.

Pulling Together Ludlow (PTL) is also able to arrange help with collecting and delivering local food supplies from shops, picking up and delivering prescriptions and freshly cooked frozen meals for individuals, or for a family. PTL can provide volunteer dog walkers if you are unable to get out and exercise your dog.  There is also a support service via telephone befriending for people who may be isolated, lonely, or just need a friendly chat to find out exactly PTL can offer. Please ring the friendly volunteers through its helpline 01584 817 250, lines are open 7 days per week 9-5pm.

You may also like to join our Facebook group Pulling Together Ludlow where members are sharing helpful information on opening times and supporting each other, as well as their positive stories of support and self help from our community.

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