A new bus shelter for Ludlow – where should it go asks Ludlow Town Council

The bus shelter on Corve Street, at the stop known as the Compasses, has proved a great success. On wet and windy days, people welcome some respite from the weather while they wait for the bus to Shrewsbury or the town service.

The shelter was funded by the town council. Recently, it agreed to install a new bus shelter every year. But where should the next bus stop go?

The town council is now consulting on the best location for the next bus shelter. Deadline 26 June. Email your thoughts to kate.adams@ludlow.gov.uk.

The bus shelter on Corve Street does not detract from the streetscape

Ludlow is surprisingly short of bus shelters. Ludlow Assembly Rooms. Henley Road. And most recently Corve Street. That’s it, except for the Eco Park shelter for the park and ride which is in Ludford parish.

For years, passengers waiting on Corve Street for a bus had to suffer pelting rain and howling winds as they waited for the bus. Now, bus users can wait in an elegant bus shelter that sits comfortably in the streetscape of one of Ludlow’s most historic areas.

The Corve Street shelter

Where should the next bus shelter go? Top of my list is outside Aldi, where people wait for the town buses (normally the 701 and 722) with their shopping. Highways engineers have confirmed that the location will accommodate a shelter of similar design to the Corve Street shelter. Next on my list, would be the stop outside Tesco.

The Tesco bus stop with the Aldi stop in the background by the illegally parked van

Moving out of the town centre, several locations come to mind. Weyman Road at the corner of Potters Close. Sheet Road near Greenacres. Riddings Road to serve Sandpits. Tollgate Road.

A shelter at Rocks Green would be useful. This is in Ludford so cannot be funded by Ludlow Town Council. But it could be installed if and when the new supermarket is built.

Now it is over to you to suggest locations to Ludlow Town Council. Email  kate.adams@ludlow.gov.uk by 26 June.

2 comments on A new bus shelter for Ludlow – where should it go asks Ludlow Town Council

  1. To be absolutely honest those bus shelters like the one in Corve Street are near to useless, they do not keep you out of the rain which usually is driven in the wind and for people like me (Partially disabled) I cannot sit so high up on an uncomfortable little seat.
    And try it at 4 when the 6th Form kick out and take all the seats…
    Would be much better is they actually had full protection and proper seating which short and slightly disabled people can actually use…

    1. I take the points Mark but wouldn’t go as far as near to useless. We could not put a bigger shelter at that point because of the width of the pavement. The BT Outreach box further narrows the pavement. A few years back we planned to widen the pavement but this would have narrowed the road beyond the regulatory distance. I can’t see that we can have full shelters at Aldi and Tesco either. There is also a cost issue.

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