Update 22 July: The work on Parys Road and Burway is underway. Many of the major faults have been ground out and patched. Final surfacing is awaited. The date for completion of the works has been extended until the end of July.

There has not been much notice of the work on Burway Lane. It could begin as early as Sunday. Resurfacing of Parys Road is scheduled for 19 July to 25 July.

The work on both roads will involve laying a bituminous binder. Grit will be rolled into this and further worked in by vehicles in under 20mph restrictions. This was the technique used on Dinham and Linney. No one seems impressed by the quality of work on those roads or the necessity for doing it. And of course, this technique leads to grit being sprayed onto pavements and against vehicles. Cyclists hate it.

Parys Road doesn’t need resurfacing along its length. It needs rebuilding from Sheet Road to Tollgate Road. This is the 150-metre stretch where HGVs are pummelling the road to breaking point. The road need grinding down and relaying, not resurfacing over the cracks and bumps.

Planned resurfacing for Shropshire in the next few weeks. Click here for a PDF

Neither Burway Lane or Parys Road was included in Shropshire Council’s list of resurfacing work published at the beginning of June. This is a second round of work.

The potholes on Burway Lane were repaired in April. One resident told me then: “It is still a patchwork quilt, but the quality of the repairs is much better than previous attempts, so credit where credit is due.” On hearing of this proposed work, another resident told me:

“If they just put down a layer of tar and then loose chippings, I’m not sure that is all that will be required to get an even surface. Also, the cricket ground side of the road has been encroached by grass and weeds, so really it needs some preparatory work so as not to end up even narrower than it already is. However, I am pleased to hear the news.”

Done well, this resurfacing technique is effective. But the poor quality of work in Dinham and Linney earlier this month shows that if it is not done well, you just get a patchy and noisy surface. Grit everywhere.

The work on Burway Lane is scheduled between 19/07/2020 and 25/07/2020. Permitted hours of working are 7.00am and 17.00pm. This is a flexi timetable. The work should only take one day, maybe two. Which day is anyone’s guess. It is weather dependent. It is also dependent on Shropshire Council’s lead highways contractor finding subcontractors. Keir was so desperate to get the resurfacing of Dinham and Linney done, having missed the allocated slot, it was forced to bring in a team from Norfolk for four days. Access to properties, the cricket club and the bridleway will be maintained whenever possible but there could be periods of disruption.

Extent of Burway Lane resurfacing

Resurfacing of Parys Road is scheduled for 19 July to 25 July. It would have made better sense if it takes place after the Severn Trent Water repairs expected to take place between 10 August and 21 August between Shearman Road and Shukers. Otherwise we will have a patch in the newly laid surface.

Extent of Parys Road resurfacing
This recent repair on Parys Road is already collapsing
Parys Road between Tollgate and Sheet Road
It’s hard to photo this inverse bump opposite Carter’s.
Motorists have complained about it for months

The recent works on Dinham and Linney haven’t gone down well with residents. That’s not just the arrival of contractors from Norwich without notice, it’s that the road surface is worse than before. This is an edited comment from a town centre resident:

I should like to add my voice to some of my neighbours regarding the recent re asphalting of the road surface by Kier. I very strongly disagree that there was any reason what so ever to spend any money or time for this work as we already had a perfectly serviceable road surface.

Some road repairs were made just a few months ago to some minor potholes with satisfactory result.

I understand that the present road surface is final and I disagree strongly of it being suitable as it is noisy, sends chipping onto parked cars and most importantly both cars and bicycles now skid when braking. I would not even attempt to cycle down the hill anymore.

Some chaps returned today from another firm to paint the road lines. I was told that they had had several complaints like ours in Dinham from residents in Linney. They recognised the inferior surface and said it was a nightmare to try and paint the lines due to the uneven surface.

I strongly ask for this new road surface to be replaced immediately with an ordinary smooth asphalt as before.

We’ll keep you up to date as we get more information about roadworks in the area. We’ll be asking questions about how the work will be done and to what quality.

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