I was talking to Shropshire Homes this morning. My call was entirely unrelated to Castle View Terrace. But it was inevitable that our conversation would turn to the most controversial application in Ludlow for years. I learnt that Shropshire Homes is going to appeal Shropshire Council’s refusal of the scheme for six homes that would destroy the last remaining pasture in East Hamlet.

Saved for now

Ludlow won the first stage of the battle after the planning application was rejected last week. We now must fight on.

Shropshire Homes believes it has good grounds for the appeal. I will believe that when I see the arguments the company puts forward to the planning inspector. I probably won’t believe it then. There are no grounds for approving this scheme. It’s a black and white case. It doesn’t matter how good the design of the scheme is, we don’t need the housing. And we can’t afford to lose green space in an area of town that lacks it. The scheme is against policy and it is against the wishes of Ludlow.

Shropshire Homes should now wave the white flag and negotiate with residents. Our community is prepared to buy the land and dedicate to Ludlow in perpetuity. That will be a better solution that housing we don’t need.

I am disappointed this battle is continuing. But I am convinced that Ludlow will win through in the end.

One thought on “Refusal of Castle View Terrace housing application will go to appeal”
  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. The Company and their contractors show little or no regard for the local community. Constant noise, thoughtless parking by their workforce. Today , for example,10 workers’ cars parked on the pavement on Fishmore Road in front of the development, blocking the pavement . A hazard to disabled and blind pedestrians and forcing people trying to social distance out into the road. Says it all about their attitude, i think.

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