One of Ludlow’s favourite delis has applied for Listed Building Consent for an awning to cover the seated area (20/05073/LBC).  Harp Lane Deli at 4 Church Street has also applied for five tables with chairs and a gazebo.

The proposal is in part a response to Covid-19 restrictions. The restriction to two customers in the store at a time has damaged profitability. This is an application that is right in principle but needs further discussion on the details.

The image below shows the proposed style of awning. The awning at harp Deli will be a dark chocolate colour. I can see no objection to this. It will be a beneficial addition to a signature business in the market area.  

The gazebo will be 3mx3m. It will stand on the highway blocking vehicle access to Harp Lane. That is unlikely to be allowed. In any event, a temporary gazebo – permission is only requested for twelve months – does not need Listed Building Consent. The plans for a gazebo and its location should be discussed with Shropshire Highways and Ludlow Town Council as the operator of Ludlow Market.

Style of proposed gazebo

The plan is for five metal outdoor tables which can be taken inside when the deli is not open. Again, there are difficulties. This does not need Listed Building Consent as they will be temporary, movable structures.  Two of the tables furthest from the shopfront could be on the highway. They will decrease space in a pedestrian area that is already congested.

I think these problems can be resolved after more discussion.

Post Office Square is currently unused except for loading and vehicles lusting for a parking ticket. There have been suggestions, including from the market manager, that this could be an area for al fresco coffee and light meals. This works in major shopping centres, city centres and across the continent. It would be fabulous in Ludlow in the warmer days and for those wearing thermals any day of the year.

This proposal could be the trigger to create a café culture outdoor area on the edge of one of the best markets in the country. But it needs more work.

5 thought on “Harp Lane Deli applies for awning – its plans for tables and a gazebo need more discussion”
  1. After the bashing our independent businesses have had this year it is right to encourage anything that can help in their survival. However the Gazebo looks like it partially blocks access to the already narrow Harp Lane. Moving it in by losing a table which would anyway fit under the awning might be a solution.

  2. Harp Lane is frequently blocked by a white van and is difficult to walk down. It needs to be open, not automatically treated as additional space for shops.
    I also wonder how emergency vechicles would access Church street which is also a highway.

  3. Andy, I take exception to your comment that PO Square is unused-it was successfully used prior to the Covid pandemic by several diverse independent local market traders. We were unceremoniously booted off in the name of “social distancing” and we are yet to have any indication of when we might return. I think the addition of a plethora of furniture to the detriment of retail diversity will do nothing for the market or the town. In the meantime, Post Office Square has become a car park and home to a dead Christmas tree. I wish Harp Lane well with their plans, it has been a difficult year for all.

    1. Grammar Andrew. It is unused. It was used. I think we can both accomodate tables and chairs and gazebo based traders. But it is to be debated. Shropshire Council officers are too remote from Ludlow to see the day to day issues.

  4. Thank you for the English lesson. Past/present tense misuse aside, the situation with Post Office Square has been rumbling on for a good four years and it hardly fills me with confidence for the future.

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