Covid Watch 123: Local and national infection rates fall more but Storm Christoph may have distorted the data

This is just a quick update on the data. I’ll do a more detailed analysis as soon as I can find the space.

Covid-19 rates are falling in the county and across England. That’s good news but there is concern that Storm Christoph will have cut the number of tests nationally and in north Shropshire. The snow will also have an impact and the NHS has had IT problems. That will reduce the number of reported cases.

Locally around 12 tests in 100 are positive.

I am crunching the vaccination data. That’s interesting but must wait for another article.

Here are the three main graphs. They tell their own story with the caveat that the bars in grey are provisional data and testing may have fallen during Storm Christoph. If testing has reduced, that will affect the steepness of the downward trend but the trend is still in the right direction in Telford and England. Down. Shropshire is a bit harder to interpret. Infection rates may have plateaued and the sharp fall late last week may just be the impact of Storm Christoph. The snow may lead to a continued reduction in testing and some centres closed yesterday. We won’t see data on that until later in the week.