No one likes roadworks but there again, no one likes roads that are unsafe or that wreck wheels. There have been a few problems with the resurfacing work on the A4117 between Rocks Green and Snitton. The work has been moved overnight and signage has been improved.

We have had reports of people struggling to gain access to local properties. Even of conflicts with the contractors. When we are alerted to problems, we relay them to officers as soon as we can. Please note you can’t drive through the roadworks, only access properties within the closed section and there may a delay on that access at times. And please be patient and considerate. This is proving to be a difficult closure but we need to get the work done.

Richard Huffer and I asked whether the distance of the closure could be shortened and signage could be improved. This is the response from the contractors:

“There are issues with moving the closure up the road. If the signage moves to include Snitton Lane this will mean two more potential entrances into the work site which is dangerous and difficult to manage. If people get access onto our site and travel in a direction towards the teams, we have a potential for danger and injury. We have tried to accommodate every request made but we are moving outside of what was agreed and designed for this scheme which has implications with regards to CDM (Construction Design Management) responsibilities.

“The onsite team has suffered abuse and aggression but has dealt with it professionally and they are doing everything they can to help with free movement. The scheme is progressing well and the dry weather is helping.”

Shropshire Council added:

“Nobody will have been denied access to a property or business. It is more likely that a member of the public was asked to either wait for a time whilst plant movements were going on or asked to park and walk whilst works were ongoing. Ultimately, we have a responsibility to keep the Operatives and the Public safe so asking the residents/locals to wait a few minutes to facilitate this is the right thing to do.

Letter drops were sent out for the initial plan of working days.  This then changed to night working and another letter drop was undertaken.  Local businesses are sent email communications alongside the letter drop.” 

Additional signage has been requested.

Shropshire Council also issued the following message on its media channels.

Reminder that businesses are open despite A4117 resurfacing work

People are being reminded that businesses on the B4364 and A4117 near Bridgnorth are open and accessible while work to resurface sections of the A4117 is underway.

The resurfacing work in being carried out from 8pm to 6am each night until 7 May between Ludlow and Clee Hill (from Rocks Green to a point just East of Squirrel Lane).

No work is carried out on Saturday or Sunday nights.

During the works the B4364 is closed as a through route, but access is available for the entire length of the B4364 from Bridgnorth to its junction with the A4117 – meaning businesses along this stretch of the road – including pubs and restaurants – can still be reached at all times.

For businesses located within the closed area of the A4117 there is unrestricted access during the daytime (between 6am and 8pm) and at weekends.

During closure hours (8pm to 6am on weekdays) there may be short delays while machinery or the workforce are moved to allow safe access to be maintained. Operatives are on hand to advise during these times with all effort being maintained to ensure access when safe and available

Signs stating that ‘businesses are open as normal’ are being put at key locations.

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