Loudwater Studio is a community arts studio on the Burway Trading Estate off Bromfield Road. Supported by the charity Vision Homes, it has specialised in providing support for those with physical and learning impairments. Last week, Vision Homes announced without giving a public reason that the studio will close from 31 March 2022. (See this article for a statement from Vision Homes.)

Members of the studio are understandably very upset by this unexpected move. They have set up a Facebook page and started a petition to draw in support for saving the studio:

“This news has come as a complete shock to us members and we are not just going to lie back and let it close and have a vital community creative outlet for many be taken away from us.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Shropshire this morning, regular Loudwater user Ben Parker said:

“It’s a wonderful place where you meet like minded people and chat and socialise. It’s part of my week. I don’t know what I would do without it. I’d feel very lost.

“We have just been told its closing on 31 March. We are hoping to hear something from Vision Homes, the CEO, in the next day or two but we are none the wiser.

“Given I have a muscle condition like I do, I found real solace in pottering in the studio. It’s a lifeline for me each week. And I’m not the only one. There are plenty of people that use that studio that feel the same as I do.”



Save Loudwater Studio on Facebook.

2 thought on “Loudwater Studio threatened with closure – please sign the petition”
  1. That charities can just shut down this valuable local facility at short notice without explanation is appalling.
    Perhaps people might like to contact them to express their feelings and ask for an explanation … Contact Us
    Contact VHA

    You can contact Vision Homes Association’s Head Office as follows:


    4th Floor, TriGate
    210-222 Hagley Road West
    B68 0NP


    0121 434 4644


    0121 434 5655

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