There has not been much good news of late. Household costs are going through the roof and some people will struggle to afford a roof. Shropshire is best by health crisis. Long waits for ambulances. Long waits to hand over patients when they get to A&E. The country’s worst maternity scandal. Our bus services are threatened more than ever before. Parking charges are going up.

Before you wipe your eyes and blow your nose, there is good news just around the corner.

The Mayfair is back! After being cancelled for two years due to Covid-19, all the fun of the fair returns on 28 April. It will include the vicar and mayor gleefully dashing around on the dodgems. There will be the blasting of music, buzzing of rides and screams of teenagers. The sour aroma of hot onions and the sickly sweet smell of candyfloss, both better smelled than eaten.

Early in the evening people stream from across the entire town to enjoy the fair. Ludlow is not Ludlow without the Mayfair. It is great to have it back.

I’ve never been one for being thrown about and yanked up and down on rides, allegedly for fun. Dodgems are scary enough for me. But the air of excitement that the Mayfair generates is unique in Ludlow. The involvement of people in the town that we don’t offer much else to is welcome. It is so good it to have the Mayfair back.

Alongside our dignitaries whirling around and crashing into choristers, my favourite bit of the Mayfair is watching the big rides negotiate the Buttercross Bodenhams chicane. It is a demonstration of the expertise of showmen in driving their vehicles and almost as much fun as the fair itself.

The rides arrive

The Mayfair will disrupt trade for some town centre businesses but as it is a regular event, they will have taken account of that. Some residents will have access issues. The fair organisers will do everything they can to help.

Ludlow’s Mayfair arrives at 5pm on Wednesday 27 April to set up in Mill Street, The Market Square and Events Square.

Opening Times: Thursday 4pm-11pm; Friday 12noon-11:00pm; Saturday 10am-11:00pm; Sunday (Mayfair Service 11:30am) 1pm-9pm; Monday 10am–8pm.

It is advisable to arrange deliveries and pick-ups before the Mayfair opens. Prior to the Mayfair arriving, please direct queries to Gina Wilding, Town Clerk, 01584 871970. For assistance with access during the Mayfair: please contact Mrs Wynn: 07788 437111.

There will the usual road closures in the market area from 5:00pm Wednesday 27 April until 10am Tuesday 3 May on High Street, Mill Street, Castle Square, Dinham between Castle Square and Camp Lane. Through traffic will be prohibited from travelling north on Broad Street between Bell Lane and High Street. The one way traffic order for Bell Lane will be suspended.

Buses will operate from The Compasses.

The Mayfair Dodgem Service will be on Sunday 1 May at 11.30am led by the Reverend Kelvin Price accompanied by the Choir of St Laurence’s Church. The Mayor of Ludlow, Cllr Robin Pote, and members of Ludlow Town Council are expected to join this unique tradition in which the congregation are seated in the dodgem cars during the service. Everyone is welcome.

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