How to comment on the planning application to close Golden Moments on Broad Street

There is a lot of anger about the plans to force the very popular Golden Moments restaurant to close and for it to be converted back to a town house which it hasn’t been for more than seven decades. Many will wish to comment on the application. I would encourage you do so. You don’t need to know anything about planning. Just give your views. As a member of the Southern Planning Committee, I can reassure you that committee members and planning officers read all comments.

To comment, you must be registered on Shropshire Council’s planning portal. Click this link and either register, or login if you have commented before. Then you need to find the application by clicking this link 22/01790/FUL or conducting a simple search for “Golden Moments”. Providing you are logged in, you can comment under public comments.

Unless you are a heritage expert, you do not need to comment on the parallel application for listed building consent 22/01791/LBC. If the application for full planning permission is rejected then the listed building consent automatically falls.

My objection to redevelopment of 50 Broad Street Ludlow (Golden Moments)

I object to this application in the strongest terms. Ludlow has seen over the years retail properties being converted to homes and that is a national trend. But those businesses had been struggling or had closed. Golden Moments is thriving. The closure is simply because the new owner of the property lives next door and has ambitions to “restore the property to a former townhouse and return the street scene to a more quiet residential setting.”

There is no evidence provided in the application that Golden Moments causes any nuisance.

The application claims Golden Moments “is located some distance out side [sic] of the Town Centre Zone.” The restaurant is within 300 metres outside the designated town centre (SAMDev S10) and under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), it is regarded as an edge of centre site:

Edge of centre: For retail purposes, a location that is well connected to, and up to 300 metres from, the primary shopping area. For all other main town centre uses, a location within 300 metres of a town centre boundary…

Main town centre uses: Retail development (including warehouse clubs and factory outlet centres); leisure, entertainment and more intensive sport and recreation uses (including cinemas, restaurants…”

The NPPF of course assumes that applications would be to establish a business, not close it down. However, it is clear that the location of Golden Moments is compatible with the current national planning framework.

Para 1 of the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) for Town Centres and Retail states:

“Evening and night time activities have the potential to increase economic activity within town centres and provide additional employment opportunities. They can allow town centres to diversify and help develop their unique brand and offer services beyond retail. In fostering such activities, local authorities will also need to consider and address any wider impacts in relation to crime, noise and security.”

As Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North which includes the wider town centre area, I have never heard a complaint about Golden Moments relating to crime, noise and security. The existence of the restaurant is compatible with the NPPG.

This application has adverse impact for employment. Although there will be a short term and minor economic benefit should No 50 Broad Street be converted back to a town house, which it hasn’t been for at least seven decades, there will be a longer term loss of jobs.

This is a family run business and the attempt to shut it down and increase the gentrification of Broad Street should be resisted through the planning system. Ludlow town centre needs businesses like Golden Moments.

I wish to call this application in to the Southern Planning Committee for consideration unless planning officers are minded to reject the application.

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  1. I am appalled at this application attempting to close down a successful business in ludlow and turn the property into yet another high priced residential property. The heart of a thriving town are the small businesses that create wealth and job opportunities, especially in the centre. High streets around the country are dying and all planning policy should be to support small businesses not to destroy them.

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