Over the last year or so, there has been more than a little controversy over plans for two EV charging points in Mill Street. An early lack of consultation, the locations for the points being marked in the wrong place and a general resistance to parking spaces being used for visitors rather than residents all contributed to the fuss.

Electrically powered cars are now commonplace. From 2030, petrol and diesel vehicles will no longer be sold in the UK, though hybrids can be sold until 2035. All new cars and vans be fully zero emission at the tailpipe from 2035. The car market is gearing up for this transition, despite short term difficulties in supply caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Progress is somewhat slower in installing EV charging points.

The attitude that our town centre residential streets should not have EV charging points and they should only be in car parks for now cannot be sustained. With just eight years to go before petrol and diesel vehicles stop being sold, we need to get on with installing EV charging across the town. On the streets and in car parks. And in new developments where properties do not have drives or garages. Fishmore Road is one example where the car parking needs EV charging points.

The plans are final and I am expecting the charging points to be installed shortly. The two charging units will serve four parking bays. There will be no loss of disabled spaces, though one disabled space will be only for use by for charging by vehicles displaying a disabled permit.

The final plans result in a loss of motorcycle parking bays. There are currently two bays width (four bikes). This will be reduced to one bay width.

One thought on “Final plans for EV charging points on Mill Street confirmed”
  1. Ludlow has been woefully behind the curve as far as electric vehicles are concerned, and these two charging points, whilst welcome, are nothing like enough for the massive increase in electric vehicles that is occurring already. To be honest, the car parks are the best places for charging points to be placed as the dwell time is likely to be more appropriate ie about two hours, and there is less chance of people moaning about them.
    Still, better late than never, Ludlow..

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