Everyone is feeling the squeeze of rising food and fuel costs. The cost of electricity, gas and heating oil has soared and without action from the government, will soar further in October leading to a cold and miserable winter for many people. The Bank of England says that inflation could hit 10% this year.

Yet Shropshire Council wants to increase car parking charges at the very point when people have less to spend on our high streets.

Shropshire Council argues that costs must increase with inflation. I don’t buy that argument. The council has not made a case for additional funding for the car parks and the team that supports them. The largely automated system of charging for parking on streets and in car parks has reduced costs. The council should be cutting its budget not heaping more costs on shoppers, tourists and workers.

Our retail and visitor economies were hit hard during the pandemic. Ludlow is bouncing back. The last thing we need is a hike in car parking charges.

Shropshire Council’s consultation on the hike in charges ends this Friday, 20 May. You can comment here.

Ludlow is a “destination town”. People don’t drive tens of miles to shop in Ludlow in the way they might to Southwater or further south in Bluewater. Ludlow is a historic town with a historic feel and a mix of independent and chain retailers. People come here because it’s great to be here. It is so different in our town from the soulless shopping malls.

But Shropshire Council is determined to raise more money.

In Ludlow, on-street car parking costs will rise by an average of 13%. Hourly charges in Galdeford A car park (upper deck) will rise by 17%. In the lower decks (Galdeford B) and in the Smithfield car park, hourly charges will go up by 25%.

Season tickets in Galdeford A will rise by between 15% and 17%. In Galdeford B and Smithfield, season ticket charges will rise by between 23% to 26%.

The increase in season ticket charges in Galdeford B and Smithfield are well above inflation. They will be unwelcome news for workers and residents at a time when taxes, and energy and housing costs are rising rapidly.

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  1. We have moved to Ely from Ludlow and we still can’t believe that the majority of the city car parks are all free! It’s fantastic and Shropshire could learn a lot!!!

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