The political news of the week has been the by-election wins in Tiverton and Honiton, which fell to the Lib Dems, and Wakefield, which fell to Labour. This of course had no impact on Boris Johnson, forever imperious, impervious and delusional. He wants to be leading the Conservatives and the country until the mid-2030s.

Locally, the Lib Dems were also successful. Along with wins in Kingston upon Thames and Waverley, Shropshire Lib Dems took the seat in Highley vacated by independent Dave Tremellen. Mark Williams victory takes Lib Dem numbers on the unitary Shropshire Council to 14, the second largest party. This was a hard fought campaign for a seat the Conservatives wanted to win, after they lost 12% of their seats in the 2021 all up council elections including the then council leader who was ousted by a Lib Dem. Late last year, the Conservatives lost the North Shropshire constituency to Helen Morgan.

Labour also made a push in this ward, which although rural is a former mining town. The nearby former mining town of Broseley is held by Labour. But Labour was nowhere near the mark.

The Conservatives have had a stranglehold on Shropshire, dominating the council and formerly with three MPs, for too long. They have not served the county well. Now the Shropshire blue wall is crumbling.

Lib Dems are going from strength to strength in the county. We have major challenges ahead. All unitary councillors will stand for re-election in 2025. Before that there is the general election in 2024 (if not earlier if Johnson panics). There is no reason why Philip Dunne or his successor should not be replaced by a Lib Dem. After Chesham and Amersham, North Shropshire and Tiverton and Honiton anything is possible.

Why not join the Lib Dems. After some difficult years, we are going places!

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