This site looks a little different. The site’s control panel crashed on 1 October. People could initially read posts but I couldn’t post new posts up. Think of it like a car without an engine. I found out the fault but couldn’t work out to fix it. While I was experimenting, I crashed the entire site. I have been under the bonnet and deleted the malfunctioning code this morning. But that means my previous design no longer works. I am waiting for the technical guys in Nepal to get back to me. Or I may just put up a new design altogether.

7 thought on “Temporary website”
    1. It is a problem with a third party theme rather than WordPress. The hat and beard are coming back!

    2. The hat is back just for you! Had to hack the php code. I haven’t written php for years so it was just guesswork.

  1. what is this ! You cannot fix your ‘car’ and you have to go to Nepal to fix it? Have a good trip? (LoL).Web sites can be a pain.

  2. Such bad luck! Not deserved, and timing all wrong when I’m sure you’ve got plenty to say about what is going on with this amazing government!

  3. “The hat is back just for you!”

    Thank you Andy!

    “Had to hack the php code.”

    Good stuff!

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