Buses will not be serving Sandpits Avenue and Sidney Road until after February. This makes it difficult for people with limited mobility to get into town to see their GP, shop and to meet friends. The Ludlow Traveller is stepping in to provide a limited service into Ludlow on Fridays with an approximate collection time from Sandpits of 11:00 and return opportunities at 12:00, 13:00 and 15:30 by prior booking.

Bus passes can’t be used and passengers will need to pay £2.50 each way with cash to the driver. Cheaper than a taxi. All passengers will need to become members of the service. This will cost £5 and the membership will last until the end of February. Alternatively, residents can purchase a year’s membership for £20. Details of how to apply for membership are below.

Due to the limited capacity of the Ludlow Traveller, the Sandpits Avenue service is only available to people with mobility issues. If you can walk to the bus stops on Sandpits Road and Sheet Road, you should do so.

There is a form to complete before you can use the Ludlow Traveller service. Tracey Huffer (07889 848278) has a stock of them and can deliver them and send them back. Alternatively, you can ring the Ludlow Traveller directly on 01743 253008 to register and 01584 700907.

Tracey Huffer says:

“We are grateful to the Ludlow Traveller team for offering this service. We have been concerned that the essential works to upgrade the power supply on Sandpits Avenue would create problems for residents who have limited mobility. The power supply upgrade is to allow the houses on Sandpits Avenue and Close to be completely refurbished.

“I hope that people will take up this offer from Ludlow Traveller. It’s a good service and many people in Ludlow and the surrounding area would be isolated without it.”

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