We have been expecting this news for more than a year. Seven Trent Water will close Temeside from Old Street to Weeping Cross for roadworks from 25 April to 19 July. The sewage system on Old Street and Temeside does not have enough capacity to cope with storm events. When it is overloaded, sewage is discharged into the Teme, a site of special scientific interest and a river that is expected to receive bathing quality status shortly.

This is essential work and we will have to put up with the disruption. Roadworks in Sheet Road and Station Drive should be lifted before this scheme begins. We will resist any other roadworks, except emergency roadworks over which we no control, until the closure of Temeside ends.

During the roadworks, the 722 town service will not serve Old Street. The Steventon loop will still be served.

Yellow section above is the length of pipe to be doubled in size

The works on Temeside are part of a broader scheme to reduce sewage flows into the Teme as part of Seven Trent Water’s Bathing Rivers project. There will also be an upgrade to the sewage works in Ludford to increase storage capacity. Work upstream will reduce sewage overflows in Knighton. Further details from STW.


The 722 town service will not serve Old Street during the closure. The less frequent 490 service stops at the bottom of Old Street (inwards) at approximately 07:33, 08:50, 11:16, 13:16, 15:33, 17:26 Monday to Friday and 11:10, 13:10, 16:10 on Saturday. The return buses are at 07:30, 09:05, 11:15, 13:15, 15:55, 16:15, 17:25 Monday to Friday and at 11:15, 13:15, 16:15 on Saturday.

3 thought on “Temeside to be closed from end of April to mid-July for sewage work: town bus will not serve Old Street”
  1. How will McConnel Ltd get their hedge trimmers etc out of their works as they cannot get under the railway bridge?

    1. Galdeford and Gravel Hill. Other large trucks use that route. Not ideal but it works.

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