Everyone is tired of this government. Even Conservatives I know think the party needs a rest. An opportunity to stop this country drifting and underperforming. An opportunity to get back to tackling the climate emergency. An opportunity to end increasing division in our society. And to end the disgrace of our society where the wealthy splash money around and ordinary families, who used to make ends meet, go to the food bank. Build up rent arrears. Get evicted because the landlord can make more money from Airbnb over the summer months.

July the 4th is American Independence Day. It should be ours too. Few governments of whatever political persuasion are effective in their later years. They need a refresh.

The Conservative Party has drifted more than most. Instead of steering a clear course toward a safe port, the party has been tacking this way and that. Reacting to the wind from the tabloid press.

It is time for change.

In the new South Shropshire constituency, Ludlow MP Philip Dunne will stand down. Just minutes ago, he was promoting Stuart Anderson, the man nominated as his successor. Stuart Anderson is Philip Dunne Light, barely allowed to appear in public without Philip holding his hand.

Mathew Green, a fellow Lib Dem and former MP for Ludlow, is standing for us. It a time for change in South Shropshire.

We need to vote for that change. On July the 4th.

2 thought on “July the 4th – We must aim for Independence Day (from the Tories) for the UK”
  1. Perhaps the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t know?! Not sure that the Lib Dem’s are going to make much of a difference anyway as they don’t have any relevant policies and no financial expertise though they will probably help Labour win a few blue seats by way of tactical voting,

  2. Please don’t assume to talk for ourselves when you say that everyone is fed up with our government, my peer group and family dread the only possible alternative (labour government or cross party agreement with a other minor party) and the return to Union and Left Wing Wets peddling there narrow minded ideas.. thank you..

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