Ignore what Shropshire Council is saying, Ludlow town service 701 still runs on Saturday

There is much confusion among bus users in Ludlow today after Shropshire Council put up timetables saying the 701 town service does not run on Saturdays. This is a busy town service that travels to and from the town centre serving Henley Road, the Bringewoods, Dodmore and Sandpits.

Despite the Shropshire Council timetable, the 701 continues to run on Saturdays. It was running today. I have spoken to passengers that have been anxious that the 701 no longer runs on a busy day for shopping. Council officers should provide new timetables immediately.

There are no plans to cancel the Saturday 701 Ludlow Town service. I am mystified why the new timetables, which were put out Friday, are incorrect.

Bus passenger numbers fell dramatically during the pandemic. They have never fully recovered. But the 701 Ludlow town service is not threatened. Neither are there plans to reduce its service hours.

This is a stupid mistake which will discourage passengers. It needs to be corrected urgently.