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We are heading for an election. Are you registered to vote? Do you want a postal vote? Here are the details

It’s been decided. The general election will be on 12 December. That’s quite short notice so it’s worth checking that you are registered to vote at your current address as soon as you can. You should complete the Household Enquiry Form every year to ensure you keep your vote. You’ll be okay if you responded to the form that came by post a few weeks back and probably still okay if you didn’t. You may wish to register for a postal vote. This is a winter vote and there is no predicting what the weather will be like. You might also be sunning yourself on a beach somewhere. In which case, I will be envious. Whatever your situation, you might think a postal vote more convenient for this election. This article explains the registration and voting procedures, including electoral arrangements for students and people who have no fixed address.

Shropshire Council Elections 2017: We could have gained more progressive seats

The unitary elections were not a disaster for any political party other than UKIP. The Liberal Democrats lost one seat to the Conservatives as did Labour and an independent. The Greens lost one seat but gained another. Although the Conservatives gained 7% more votes and one more seat over 2013, the opposition was far from decimated. Could more seats have been won if the opposition parties had cooperated? I think so. And if we had have done so, we might have created a very different, progressive future for our county.

Heather Kidd selected to fight Ludlow seat for Lib Dems

Former Leader of South Shropshire District Council and Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd has been chosen to take on Philip Dunne in the general election. Heather is well known for her campaigns for the health service, schools and better broadband and mobile phone signal in our very rural constituency. She also pioneered affordable housing policies which delivered affordable housing to rent and buy in South Shropshire.

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