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Sainsbury’s opens tomorrow morning – preview

Along with fellow councillors and other representatives, I took a tour of the new Sainsbury’s supermarket at Rocks Green this evening. Our visit took place as staff and contractors were completing last minute jobs. The shelves are stacked, except for last minute goods such as fresh bread. The store is bright and brash and it looks like, you guessed it, a Sainsbury’s supermarket. It is ready to go. Sainsbury’s has taken on 99 “colleagues”, nearly all from the local area, or from as far away as Craven Arms and Cleobury Mortimer if you think our near neighbours are not local. We have a lot to learn about how this store will affect our town. Many people I have spoken to are looking forward to it. It is bigger than the other supermarkets in town and from what I could see on the tour has a good range of fresh produce, as least as much as Tesco, and lots of tempting food, as well as household goods. I began to salivate when I spotted the deep fried sweet potato strips but, alas, I can’t buy those until tomorrow.

Changing Ludlow – Sainsbury’s, Greggs and much more housing

Is the biggest news in town the opening of Sainsbury’s on 30 November? Or is it the arrival of Greggs on King Street? Or the current construction of 400 new houses around the town with a few hundred more to come before the decade is out? As everyone can see, out town is changing. After a couple of decades during there has been little expansion to our town, development is going ahead with gusto. The developments bring benefits including more retail and much needed new housing but will also increase the pressure on our roads and the increase strain on services. Yet, we have no plans for how to manage this over the next few decades. Will these developments also change the character of our town? Or will we welcome absorb the new developments, the new people and new shops?

Sainsbury’s supermarket at Rocks Green to open as soon as possible

Sainsbury’s is writing to residents in the Rocks Green area to tell them that the store will be open by Christmas. We don’t have a date yet but it looks like being sometime in November. The external works are nearing completion and should be completed in the next month. The internal fitting out inside the store has begun early. The store will also host a small Argos where customers will be able to order or collect having ordered online. For those looking for a job, Sainsbury’s is now beginning to recruit.

Sainsbury’s developer gives an update on progress at Rocks Green

The developer for Sainsbury’s is issuing an update to residents on progress with the development and is answering frequently asked questions. From these we learn that Sheffield registered Davies Street Ludlow now owns the site. The site, which had been promoted by Blackfriars Property Group, is now being developed by constructed by McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd. Davies Street Ludlow will lease the store and car park to Sainsbury’s in the Autumn. There is a promise for tree planting, which is part of the planning conditions, and much else. The correspondence is below.

We are losing trees and biodiversity in and around Ludlow (1) – it’s a failure of the planning system

Foldgate Lane. Rocks Green. Fishmore Quarry. Just three of the development sites where trees, hedges and scrubland have been the victims of recent work as development in Ludlow accelerates. There is a lot of anger around Ludlow and Ludford. Why are we losing so much biodiversity? Where have things gone wrong? The primary fault lies in the planning system. It assumes that the destruction caused by bulldozing and chain saws can be replaced by planting schemes. The system doesn’t understand that biodiversity takes decades to emerge. And that it happens randomly. Biodiversity is a real scruff and that is why biodiversity works. It is the bugs and beasties as well as the tatty shrubs, along with the good looking trees that keep our world healthy. Most biodiversity is not protected in our planning system and many planning decisions seem blind to the destruction being caused. We must give far more respect and importance to biodiversity when we decide planning applications.

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