The developer for Sainsbury’s is issuing an update to residents on progress with the development and is answering frequently asked questions. From these we learn that Sheffield registered Davies Street Ludlow now owns the site. The site, which had been promoted by Blackfriars Property Group, is now being developed by constructed by McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd.

Davies Street Ludlow will lease the store and car park to Sainsbury’s in the Autumn.

There is a promise for tree planting, which is part of the planning conditions, and much else. The correspondence is below.

Sample letter to residents 21 April 2021

The Old Workshop, 1 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield S11 9PA

Dear Resident

Construction Update: New Sainsbury’s Development (Duncow Road, Rocks Green Road, Ludlow, Shropshire. SY8 2DS).

We are writing to update you regarding the new supermarket at Rocks Green, Ludlow which is being constructed by McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd.

As you’ll be aware, construction of the new supermarket is well underway. Since receiving planning permission for the site from Shropshire Council, we have continued to work closely with planning officers at Shropshire Council and ensured that the new supermarket is being delivered in accordance with the plans approved by the Council. 

If you would like to view the approved plans for the new supermarket, these are all publicly accessible on Shropshire Council’s website using the following reference number:

  • Reserved Matters permission: 20/00840/REM

Highway improvement works are currently being undertaken, which include work to widen Duncow Road and deliver a new roundabout on Duncow Road which will provide vehicular access into the new store car park. We anticipate that this work will be completed next month, after which we will install the new pedestrian islands and lay the new road surface in August. 

We recognise that highways works can cause some disruption to local people whilst they are carried out, but we would like to assure you that McPhillips will do everything possible to minimise the impact on local people.  

During July and August, we will be working on the new footpaths around the site, and we expect the main store building to be completed by the end of August. Once we have finished the main works, we will be in a position to install new planting across the site as part of the approved landscaping scheme. The majority of this work is expected to take place in September, during the planting season, with any final touches to be made during the planting season next year.

The approved landscape plans include a row of trees along the western boundary of the site, to protect views into the site and soften the appearance of the new supermarket building. In addition to this, new trees will be planted at various points around the perimeter of the site, as well as within the new car park. 

Once we have completed our construction work on the building and car park, Sainsbury’s will then take control of the site, and this is expected to take place in Autumn this year. Sainsbury’s is taking on a lease over the new store and car park, with Davies Street Ludlow Limited retaining overall ownership of the site.

We understand that Sainsbury’s will provide an update to residents on their works to fit-out the new store before these works commence. They have advised that they are currently considering how the new store will operate, including deliveries and store opening hours, and will provide an update on this in due course.

We have also enclosed alongside this letter some frequently asked questions, which we hope are helpful. But if you have any further queries, please contact our construction team, Mike Evans on 07753 950160, or Mike Robinson on 07464 543661, who will be available to help.

Yours faithfully

Davies Street Ludlow Limited

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Will the development benefit from landscaping and tree planting?

Yes, landscaping will be incorporated into the site most notably tree and hedge planting on the A49, Duncow Road and between neighbouring houses and the store.

The trees planted will be native species and 5-6 metres tall, with appropriate spacing between to allow for them to mature, offering a buffer between residents and the site. Much of the site, including the western boundary adjacent to nearby residential properties, will also be bounded by hedging just less than a metre tall.

Why were trees removed from the site?

As part of the construction works, a certain amount of excavation was required to reset ground levels on the site. As part of this work, we had to install retaining walls which meant that some trees and hedges unfortunately had to be removed.

All works however have been agreed with Shropshire Council and a comprehensive landscaping scheme will be delivered, including the planting of trees (5-6 metres tall) and hedges, as outlined above.

Will the site generate noise?

Minimal noise will be generated from the site, however, in order to mitigate this as far as possible a 3-metre acoustic barrier will be put in place between the store and adjacent residential properties.

The new barrier will be located between the rear of the store building and the new line of trees, helping to reduce noise whilst protecting views of the site for neighbouring properties.

Will the development cause highway/traffic problems?

In accordance with the planning permission issued by Shropshire Council, we have made improvements to the roundabout and widened the road on Duncow Road. The store will also have a small number of delivery vehicles, which will use a dedicated entrance on Duncow Road.

The impact of vehicle movements associated with the store on the local road network was fully assessed as part of the planning process and found to be acceptable in conjunction with the highways improvements.

Will lighting from the site shine into my home?

We understand that Sainsbury’s is considering the lighting on-site and will be able to update residents in due course.

Sainsbury’s has however advised that they always carefully consider car park lighting, so that it is focussed on the car park, with appropriate shields installed as needed to help minimise light spillage. Furthermore, their store lighting is only ever used whilst it is needed and will be turned off outside of store opening hours.

When will Sainsbury’s take control of the site?

Davies Street Ludlow Limited will remain owners of the site, but Sainsbury’s will be taking on the lease of both the building and car park. Once construction works are completed in Autumn this year, Sainsbury’s will take control of the site and undertake work to fit-out their new supermarket.

When will we hear about the future operation of the new Sainsbury’s store?

We understand Sainsbury’s is currently reviewing plans for the site operation, including delivery hours, local recruitment and opening hours. They will update local residents in due course, once these plans have been finalised.

We do understand that staff parking will be accommodated on-site.

How do I get in touch with the development team?

If you have any questions about the construction works, the main contractor (McPhillips) would be happy to help. They can be contacted using the following details:

  • Mike Evans on 07753 950160
  • Mike Robinson on 07464 543661

We understand that Sainsbury’s will write to local residents before they start their fit-out works and provide contact details for their team, in case you have any questions about the supermarket itself.

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