Yet another Norway Maple to be felled in Ludlow – this time it’s Shropshire Council to blame for unnecessary felling

Shropshire Council is seeking permission to fell a Norway Maple in Castle Street car park. The council plans to reduce it to ground level because there is a split between a major branch and the main trunk. Although this split has been there for a good while, I can understand why the council is concerned that it poses a safety risk to users of the car park. But this does not mean the entire tree should be felled.

The tree is suffering from poor management but it is healthy. It needs arboricultural care, not razing to the ground.

Despite Shropshire Council declaring a climate emergency just weeks ago, there are no plans for a replacement tree.

The neglected Norway Maple
The split

It looks to me as though there has been no management of this tree since it was planted, certainly since Shropshire Council took responsibility for it a decade ago. It has grown unevenly and one limb on its west side looking vulnerable to falling into the car park. But with some expert work the limb can be severed and the tree reshaped.

People entering the car park should see trees before they negotiate the serried ranks of parked vehicles. Trees tell visitors that Ludlow cares about its green spaces and biodiversity – which we do. They show that Shropshire Council cares about climate change and the role of trees in slowing and limiting increasing temperatures. Trees show that the council recognises that trees mop up pollution from vehicles and keep our air cleaner.

But, alas, Shropshire Council’s intention is to fell the tree without replacement. That is unacceptable and I hope residents and the town council object. The permission for felling will go through automatically if there are no objections. You can object through the planning portal (19/03566/TCA).

2 thoughts on “Yet another Norway Maple to be felled in Ludlow – this time it’s Shropshire Council to blame for unnecessary felling

  1. What will cost the least? repairing! it or knocking it down to put in a new one?That is probably what the council are thinking. However what is best for the long run should be the priority.

  2. I’ve objected (via email to Planning @ Craven Arms as their site’s down) to this mindless proposal; and suggested a Tree Preservation Order instead.

    Thanks for the tip-off.

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