Last Thursday, BBC Radio Shropshire’s political correspondent, Liz Roberts interviewed five of the six candidates standing here in Ludlow North. The green candidate was unavailable.

You can catch up on the interviews on iPlayer:

The first segment is at 1:16 into the recording:

  • Independent: Jennifer Leyton-Purrier
  • UKIP: Chris Woodward

The second segment is at 2:11:

  • Lib Dem: Andy Boddington
  • Labour: James Hooper
  • Conservative Rosanna Taylor-Smith

I talked about buses. The original plan was to record the interview on a bus in transit. But for the second time that day, the town bus had broken down. This is a normal occurrence here in Ludlow, and is just one example of how out of touch Shropshire Council is with what really matters in this town.

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