This is from the front page of Ludlow North Focus, now being distributed around Ludlow North.

“We love this town… but there are problems”

You say that you want affordable housing for young people and families. But you don’t want badly planned sprawl beyond the bypass. You want dog mess tackled. You want action on antisocial behaviour. Sometimes, you are frightened by yobbish behaviour in town at night.

You love the new bus service – unless you live at the bottom of Old Street or out on Bromfield Road where you don’t get served. You say problems with care workers’ parking, disabled access to homes and broken pavements need fixing.

You tell me that Ludlow is not getting fair deal for the council tax we pay. We are losing our tip, Stone House, exhibition space in the library and half of our youth centre. Too many services and jobs are being concentrated in Shrewsbury at the expense of Ludlow.

You say conservation of the environment is important and you believe energy conservation is vital. I agree. We should be looking after our fragile planet for future generations, not exploiting it for quick profit. Most of you want kerbside collection of cardboard, but the Conservatives on Shropshire Council have refused to commit to reinstating the service.

I’ve campaigned since schooldays. I now want to spend more time helping people in Ludlow. That’s why I want to become a councillor.

Ludlow is a fantastic town. We love it. But we all know that it has its problems. I can’t promise to solve everything. I do promise to listen to all of you and defend the interests of our town.

Please vote for me on 13 March or by using your postal vote.

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