Thank you everyone.

I won the byelection by nearly two hundred votes. I am humbled by the big majority.

It means that people from across the political spectrum voted for me. It shows that this election has not been about party politics. It’s been about getting a decent deal for Ludlow from Shropshire Council. It is a vote for Ludlow by the people of Ludlow.

Whether you normally vote Conservative Labour, Green – or for no party at all – we know we have one passion in common – Ludlow. I’ll work for you all.

There is a lot for me to learn. A lot for me do. I am glad that you have given me the chance to do my best for Ludlow.

Thank you

The Result

Andy Boddington: 579 (Lib Dem)

Anthony Bevington: 382 (Conservative)

Graeme Perks: 223 (Independent)

Danney Sweeney. 94 (Labour)

Turnout 45.8%.

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