Councillor Viv Parry and I have had a lot of reports of rats recently, especially from the bottom of Old Street, Temeside and Jockey Field. Some rats that have been found as dead as a Monty Python parrot, but others are scurrying around. Residents have asked whether Ludlow Skip Hire is to blame. Today, the Environment Agency provided the following statement:

The Environment Agency have carried out regular inspections of Ludlow Skip Hire over the last few months. We have not seen any evidence of a rat infestation problem at the site during our inspections. The operators are also keeping on top of their vermin control and ensuring that traps are baited and replenished on a frequent basis. If there are any observations of rats at the site please call 0800 807060. The Local Authority are investigating reports of rats in the neighbourhood to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action.

So if the rat infestation is not linked to the waste transfer site, they must be breeding elsewhere. If you have any information that can help us on this, please let me know.

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