The following message was received from the Public Protection team at Shropshire Council this afternoon:

In June and July Shropshire Council received two calls to our Customer Service Centre regarding vermin sightings in Temeside. One caller was referred to our Pest Control Service but declined to arrange a treatment visit, the other caller supplied their name and no further information. This level of contacts by residents would not suggest an area-wide issue.

Information on how to identify and report rodent activity is available on the Council website by searching on “rats” or residents can call us 0345 678 9000 to notify us of problem buildings/gardens in their area. This number can also be used to arrange for a treatment visit from the Pest Control Service.

I will add that that any treatment will be charged. Private pest controllers are available.

The Environment Agency said yesterday: “The Local Authority are investigating reports of rats in the neighbourhood to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action.” I don’t believe that the statement from Shropshire Council above constitutes investigation. I am pressing Shropshire Council officers for action, not words. They haven’t even visited Ludlow yet.

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