People packed the exhibition on plans for housing in Foldgate yesterday. I know many people couldn’t make the exhibition, so at the bottom of this post are slides of the exhibition boards courtesy of Turley Associates and Richborough Estates.

Exhibition Site PlanClick for larger image

Please bear in mind that that the exhibition was a pre-application consultation. Details of the plans may change as a result of the consultation. The promoters expect to apply for outline planning permission in September. They may present fairly detailed plans, or they are within their rights to apply for outline permission restricted to “access only.” This would mean that the planning committee will only be asked to decide whether the site and its access arrangements pass muster, not on any details of the development.

Once a formal application has been submitted and validated, Shropshire Council will drop a letter into nearby properties and post notices around the site. These will advise that those that wish to comment have 28 days to do so. People will be able to respond by letter or online. In practice, comments will be accepted well after the 28 day period.

Your comments are as always welcome below or by email. As a member of the South Planning Committee, I will not express an opinion on this proposal until it comes before the planning committee.

1_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides
2_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides
3_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides
4_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides
5_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides
All_Foldgate Lane Exhibition Slides

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