Update 30 November: Concern over repairs

repair_in_progressThe temporary work has finished but the builders’ bag buttress has not been increased in height as agreed. I have had a number of excuses for this, including non-existent cellars under the road on Upper Linney. I am heartily fed up with Shropshire Council officers saying one thing one day and doing another the next. The wall will remain vulnerable unless the height of the buttress is increased as recommended by Shropshire Council’s consultants in this report back in June.

Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow has agreed to visit Ludlow to visit the site and hear my concerns. The council’s chief executive this morning to agreed to “ensure actions to secure the wall as soon as possible.”

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It’s rather later than I would have hoped, but temporary repairs to the collapsed town walls are due to start this week. Some work has already begun.

The main work of repairing the “temporary” builders’ bag buttress is due this week, with work potentially beginning today. (Mind you, looking at the weather, we might not see much action today.)

The council has already repaired the Heras fencing and will tidy the grass. We wish to remove the benches by the wall behind the fencing. This is to make the area less attractive to youngsters and revellers. The council’s contractors Ringway will rebuild the builders’ bag buttress and cover it with visqueen (heavy duty plastic) to prevent future collapse of the bags.

The fleece covering the collapsed section has already been replaced to ensure that any human remains that tumble out will not be visible.

There will be some inconvenience to residents of the Upper Linney while the work is in progress. Here is the letter they were sent by Shropshire Council’s contractors. I should say I had no input into this letter, which has an unfortunate and provocative subject line.


Meanwhile, there is no news of progress on long term repairs to the walls.

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