I haven’t taken a view on whether this supermarket scheme will be a good or bad thing for Ludlow. But let’s just imagine it gets planning permission.

Through the planning system, we can negotiate or insist on changes to the appearance of a store, the site layout and its design. But we can’t choose the retail operator.

So, if we could choose which retail group occupied the store if it is ever built, which would you like to come to Ludlow?

Would like a return of Harry Tuffins? Another Co-op? A bigger Tesco? A Sainsbury’s or Asda on the doorstep? A Lidl or Morrisons maybe? Waitrose anyone? Or would you prefer no store at all?

This poll won’t of course have any influence on the final choice of operator – if the supermarket is approved – but it would be interesting to know your preferences. And let us know why you have made your choice in the comments section below.

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