Poll: Which supermarket would you like to see at Ludlow Rocks Green? (if it is approved)

I haven’t taken a view on whether this supermarket scheme will be a good or bad thing for Ludlow. But let’s just imagine it gets planning permission.

Through the planning system, we can negotiate or insist on changes to the appearance of a store, the site layout and its design. But we can’t choose the retail operator.

So, if we could choose which retail group occupied the store if it is ever built, which would you like to come to Ludlow?

Would like a return of Harry Tuffins? Another Co-op? A bigger Tesco? A Sainsbury’s or Asda on the doorstep? A Lidl or Morrisons maybe? Waitrose anyone? Or would you prefer no store at all?

This poll won’t of course have any influence on the final choice of operator – if the supermarket is approved – but it would be interesting to know your preferences. And let us know why you have made your choice in the comments section below.

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  1. Thing is, we know it won’t be a discount store like Aldi or Lidl as (as far as I’m aware) they don’t operate supermarkets with petrol stations. And I doubt it would be taken up by ASDA as it’s a bit too small for them. Morrisons? They already have a store nearby in Leominster… so by process of elimination we end up with Sainsbury’s or Waitrose – and I rather suspect many of those people in Ludlow who are desiring this supermarket scheme for “more choice” or whatever might not be so keen on these “up-market” chains… and such stores would also compete more with existing shops in the town centre.

    My guess? Tesco will up-sticks and move to the new site, leaving the old one to gather dust, along with the existing Co-op store which will close soon. We’re going to end up with two empty supermarkets in the town centre and a brand new Out Of Town one. Decades of campaigning and planning decisions aimed at preserving the vitality of the town centre up in smoke.

  2. I voted Waitrose but personally I’m lucky to be able to afford that, I suspect more local people would prefer an aldi and arguably that would have more economic benefit to the town than any high end store would …

  3. I cannot understand why people want another supermarket at all. It will just stop people shopping in town. To vote for Waitrose or Sainsburys is to vote for the destruction of the town because these are most comparable to the excellent town shops which attract locals and visitors

  4. I agree. With regular news of closing supermarkets, their falling revenue leading to loss of jobs, it seems illogical to contemplate an additional ,even larger supermarket than we already have, selling a wide variety of goods already available in our vibrant High St, shops.
    Services have been taken from Ludlow to give planning for this would be ironic and irrational!

  5. I think asda would be best as its low cost brand food,it would benefit everyone in the community as tesco and co -op is to expensive,if it was to sell clothes its more of a bonus because realisticly who can afford to shop for clothes in town (£100 for a jacket)how many people shop in town for clothes no one as its to expensive or its for the older generation Hereford,Shrewsbury,Kidderminster and Telford if you need anything ,I go once a month to asda do a big shop then use town for bread and milk,the chance to have more jobs for residents of the town is just what ludlow needs

  6. We need to expand to get more jobs in ludlow and people who cant afford the expensive shops we have in ludlow but doesn’t want to go into charity shops, we have to travel to other places but public transport isn’t cheap, we need to think about ludlow local people and not only the rich

    1. A national chain supermarket will only help its rich shareholders. Jobs? Low-wage, zero-hour, etc. Suppliers driven into the ground. Etc etc… why you would think a supermarket is any good for local people and businesses is beyond me.

  7. Andy very informative,It would be helpful if you would publish the number who took part in the poll when you decide to close it.

  8. As a thought, at todays date ,Asda are way ahead in the supermarket sweep.I wonder if this is because of their clothes.Ludlow is in dire need of a” day to day” clothes outlet.I do not believe the 2 Ludlow clothes shops will suffer.

    1. Really what we need is more retail space in the town centre, in which larger clothes shops could operate from.

  9. Ups! I was only thinking of men’s shops.But I feel the same is true for women’s and children’s local outlets,

  10. Barry is right to ask for the actual number of respondents. All of a sudden the 5*5 who wanted no supermarket has dropped to 31% and ASDA’s figure has shot up. Why? There aren’t many pro ASDA replies but plenty against any more supermarkets to add to the seven (yes, seven,) that we now have.

  11. 11000 people live in Ludlow queueing for petrol is getting desperate , a good supermarket with discount petrol when people shop has to be a real benefit for most families in ludlow, Philip Dunns survey for a new supermarket was a total fudge