Ringway are Shropshire Council’s contractors. I am not happy with some of their work.

Lower Corve Street was resurfaced in 2013. The work by Ringway was judged substandard and the work was repeated in 2014. Now Shropshire Council has ruled that work as inadequate so we will see the road resurfaced again this year. Although Ringway has to pay the cost of remedial work, it doesn’t pay for officer time or the inconvenience to residents. It is time the company got simple jobs like this right the first time.


This year, Ringway will by applying footway slurry sealing on Fishmore Road (60mph section), the footways from the station to Gravel Hill, Dodmore Lane, Hamlet Road, Hamlet Close, Dinham, Sandpits Road, and Downton View. The footways will be reconstructed on Poyner Close, Dark Lane and Old Street.

St Johns Road will be resurfaced. Steventon New Road, Silk Mill Lane, Camp Lane, Sandpits Avenue, Rock Lane, Housman Crescent and Sidney Road will be surface dressed. Sheet Road to Squirrel Lane will have micro surfacing treatment.

A number of roads outside the town will also be treated.

The full details…

3 thought on “Road and pavement works planned for Ludlow in 2015”
  1. Who complains at the demise of the councils own people nowadays!!! Privatisation may bring in initial cost savings but shoddy work!!! Oh yes

  2. Why oh why are they planning to do more work along Dark Lane. It is a footpath and has been surfaced approx eight feet wide with full size road kerbs on both sides. It seems that Shropshire Council have so much money they don’t know what to do with it.

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