The voting registration system has changed and the head of the household can no longer register other members. That’s likely to mean that a number of teenage first time voters will have failed to register.

You can check whether you’re registered to vote by calling Shropshire Council on 0345 678 9015 or by emailing

It might also be worth checking you are still registered if you have recently moved house.

It is now easy to register online: You will need your National Insurance number.

The deadline for registering to vote in the May general election is 20 April. The following day is the deadline for registering for a postal vote. If you want someone to vote on your behalf, a proxy vote, the registration deadline is 28 April.

One thought on “General election: Are you registered to vote?”
  1. I must point out one faux pas of the online voting registration system.
    As a permanent resident with Leave to Remain my wife is eligible to vote. The county sent her a letter to even tell her she was eligible to vote. However as soon as she enters her details on the online system as soon as she puts down a country outside the UK it give a big message “You are not eligible to vote” and kicks her out.

    They need to fix their software before telling foreigners to register online.

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