If there is one thing that Ludlow does well, its organising a party. But the rules for organising in our county a street party are somewhat confused. I’m trying to get them clarified and have issued a simplified application form in the meantime.

I know a number of people are thinking of organising a street party, either in this glorious summer (!) or for HM Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday 12 June next year.

Shropshire Council’s website gives conflicting advice on the subject. One webpage says that public liability insurance is required. The application form for a road closure is pretty intimidating requiring a risk assessment and demanding details of public liability insurance. But another webpage is more community friendly, saying no formal risk assessment needed and public liability insurance is only advisable, not required.

Confused? I certainly am.

I’ve been talking to Shropshire Council officers. They tell me that they want applications for a street party to be simple, in line with government guidance. I’ve asked for a meeting to identify and eliminate the confusion on the council’s website. In the meantime, please use this simplified form to apply to close a street for a party. It should be sent to dave.mansfield@shropshire.gov.uk.

To get advice on street parties and other street events, check out The Street Party Site. This tells you everything you need to know about having fun while not being intimidated by unnecessary bureaucracy.

What we can’t help you with is the weather – but when did a little rain stop people in Ludlow having fun?

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