Following a spate of burglaries in the area, the next meeting of the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC) next Thursday, 22 October is to debate community safety. The meeting will be attended by Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Barrie Sheldon and Inspector Rob Thomas from West Mercia police.

Councillor Andy Boddington, chair of the LJC says:

“In recent months there has been a spate of burglaries of households and business premises in the Ludlow area. This has added to the feeling of many residents that it’s not safe to be out and about at night, or to leave their property unattended.

We’ve been asking residents in Ludlow and the surrounding villages how safe they feel.

One quarter of people who have responded to our survey so far don’t feel safe walking around in Ludlow at night. Two-fifths feel less safe now that streetlights are turned off after midnight. One fifth don’t feel as safe at home with the lights off.

These results are of great concern in a town and county like ours where people ought to feel safe all the time.

That’s why we are holding a debate with the Assistant Police Commissioner and police. We need to find ways to ensure people and their property are safe and that residents feel safe.”

The meeting will also discuss progress on getting new youth services up and running in Ludlow. Councillor Tracey Huffer, chair of the Ludlow Youth Partnership, says:

“It’s been a turbulent few months and we have struggled to get new providers for youth services in place. We have made a lot of progress in recent weeks. I’ll be explain to the meeting exactly where we are at.”

The meeting begins at 7pm, 22 October at the Elim Hall on Smithfield Car Park, Ludlow. The hall will be open from 5.30 with an exhibition on South Shropshire Housing’s plans to redevelop the maisonettes on Sandpits Road. The police Safer Neighbourhood Team will also be providing leaflets and advice on household and community safety. Everyone will be welcome.

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  1. Hi Andy
    I do sometimes have a problem with your reporting of figures. For instance “one quarter of people who responded ” this is meaningless unless you state how many have responded.

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