Following hard on the heels of the damage to Ludford Bridge, which is set to keep it closed for weeks, yesterday a truck damaged the riverside wall on Temeside.

Engineers will be on site to schedule repairs on Thursday. It is already clear that the wall will need to be taken down and rebuilt over a stretch of two or three metres. I have asked that the work is done at the same time as the bridge repairs.

We know the registration number of the truck and costs will be pursued against the driver.

Photos from Shropshire Council.

160309_Teme_wall_3 160309_Teme_wall_4 160309_Teme_wall_1 160309_Teme_wall_2

One thought on “More truck damage to Ludlow’s riverside heritage”
  1. Hope both repairs can be done at the same time – would be even more of a disaster for Ludlow if the wall project was to follow but with a gap – even more disruption for the town.

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