It will be a number of weeks before Ludford Bridge is reopened. It was struck by a reversing HGV, the driver of which had driven up Lower Broad Street unaware of that he would not get through the Broadgate. This might have been a Satnav error. But regardless of why the driver was attempting the impossible, the driver should not have been crossing the bridge in the first place. He was delivering tarmac to a supermarket the other side of the town centre.


The deck of Ludford Bridge is strong enough to take HGVs. But it is a scheduled ancient monument with ancient stonework.

Consideration has been given to closing the bridge to HGVs before. But the money was not available for road signs. Closure would also divert long, heavy vehicles to other streets in the town. If we could find the money, should Ludford Bridge be closed to HGVs (buses and access excepted)?

Vote now.

4 thought on “After the recent damage, should Ludford Bridge be closed to HGVs? Vote now”
  1. The town needs to find the money for these signs, by whatever means we can devise. Signs cannot be more costly than the repairs to such unique places as this bridge.

  2. The damage was caused by the vehicle entering lower broad street, and having to reverse back down. This isn’t damage caused by a HGV crossing the bridge.

    Closing the bridge to HGV’s would have made no difference to this incident. Maybe better signs to warn commercial vehicles that they cannot pass through the broad gate would have helped?

  3. Has anyone who voted for closure stopped to consider the effect it would have on local businesses such as McConnels, Countrywide, local farms within the curtilage of Ludlow. Phil Paddock for instance would have to make a right turn across traffic onto the bypass to get to his land and to the auction. McConnels cannot get some of their loads under Sheet Rd Bridge. It would not need much for them to move to their other factory in Worcestershire.
    Andy Wright
    Lower Broad St

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